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Telescope Shops

Companies that sell astronomical telescopes and other optical instruments

Meade Instruments Corporation


Jessops - Yes, they do cameras and binoculars as well as telescopes

National Geographic - The wide range of exploratory products includes telescopes and other scientific optical instruments

Binoculars.com - Telescopes of a variety of sizes and types, not all of which are available in matched pairs

Harrison Telescopes - Astronomical Telescope & Binocular Specialists - SkyWatcher - Helios - Celestron - Meade - Coronado - Baader - APM/TMB - TEC USA

Telescope House - www.telescopehouse.co.uk - see 123 Reg

Leisure Objects - yes, they are an outdoor shop and a telescope shop!

Telescope Shop


Telescope Technologies Ltd - was http://www.ngat.com

Sussex Astronomy Centre

Telescopes Direct - was http://www.telescopes-direct.com

F1 Telescopes

Nichol Optical telescope company - was www.nicholoptical.co.uk

also see Space Shops - space stuff for sale!

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