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Binoculars.com - a place that sells binoculars, not surprisingly, but also telescopes, riflescopes, various high-precision optical instruments. In their own words "Binoculars.com is the premier Internet source for your optical equipment needs. We are recognized by our customers for the high level of service that we deliver; using our technical knowledge to help you select the binocular, telescope, riflescope or night vision equipment best suited to your application. We carry substantial inventory to ensure timely shipment of your order"

Sounds good. Now take a closer look...

The Link Was Here to Go to Binoculars.com

http://www.binoculars.com affiliate program was with Commission Junction and there is an Old Link Page, but sadly the affiliate program has gone and that's why this page has been bunged up. You can still visit the place by putting the web domain in the address bar, and also there are other telescopic shops here.