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This works on British Telecom lines. Other phone companies may have systems which are different/equivalent. It's worth finding out about.


If you dial someone up and the phone is engaged, you may hear a voice saying "you can press 5 to get a ringback". The idea is that you then press 5, and then when the other call has finished you get a call back. The charge for this is about 10p.

But did you know you can stop the voice reminding you every time? You can. Just phone the Operator on 100 and ask for the ringback voice to be removed. Then you just get the engaged tone on future engaged calls, and you can still use 5 if you want!

Also, HOW TO CANCEL A RINGBACK REQUEST: Well you might want to do this. Supposing it's late at night and the person you have called has left the phone off the hook. You might find your own phone ring at a silly time in the morning! But you can avoid that by cancelling a ringback request. To do this, dial #37# and then it won't call you back! (I have not yet determined whether you still get charged 10p).

Another thing about RINGBACK REQUESTS is that it is possible to create a baffling situation, either by accident or by deliberate pranksterism, where two people are on the phone thinking the other one has phoned them, when in fact neither have! This takes a bit of explaining, but here goes:

1. Person A dials up person B and they are engaged on another call.

2. Person A leaves the room and meanwhile unsuspecting person C enters the room.

3. After a while the telephone in the room rings and person C answers it.

4. At this point person C and person B are on the phone to each other. However from person B's point of view they have been phoned by person C, and vice-versa! From each point of view, it is the OTHER person who has initiated the call. This is completely baffling as both are absolutely certain that the other one made the call and there is no reasonable explanation.

Note: It is far from obvious how this can be set up deliberately. It may require person A to phone person B and ask them to phone person D on some ruse first, and only then when sure the phone is engaged can the ringback call be made.Phone info

Important Note: When performing silly tricks like this, it is important to make sure that all those involved will take it in good humour!

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