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This is a test page on Zyra's site to make sure the CO domain links properly. - main test page


In the meantime please link to ZYRA's PRIMARY SITEindex

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And if you're looking for When Worlds Collide there is a modest but expanding page here

A special thankyou to James Waite at Z360 for being helpful in allowing the domain www.zyra.co.uk to be relinked.

This page is where Zyra.co.uk was redirected, using the FREE REDIRECTION service that was provided thanks to www.domainredirect.com (gone) who redirected the domain during the time it went out of use.Very pro-Linux here!

After that, the domain went into a state of suspension and linked nowhere for a while but we eventually managed to claim it via 123-reg and it will be hosted independently at Vivostar. The new Zyra.co.uk site can be seen at www.zyra.co.uk

This is a all interlinked and part of Zyra's primary site www.zyra.org.uk . The main site is Zyra.ORG.UK . Visit ZYRA here at Zyra.org.uk

(The digits.com counter has been moved to the new webspace at Zyra.co.uk too!)

This page is quite old.