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Claims4Free: "Personal injury claims are hard enough, it doesn't help when everyone and his dog are advertising on T.V. with catchphrases like 'no win, no fee' and '100% compensation'. These are commercial entities who don't always have the client's interests at heart. Claims4Free.co.uk is not employed by any solicitor or claims firm although we have over 150 experienced and qualified solicitors firms choosing to work with us in ethically and honestly gaining compensation for those who deserve it. We make sure that everyone who is entitled to compensation is heard with absolutely no cost to the user and they don't have to sign anything. Claims4Free.co.uk Personal Injury Claims - there's a lot of firms out there, choose to work with the one that will make you proud of the service you give to your users. We Currently take on the following types of cases:

Road Traffic Accident (England/Wales)
Road Traffic Accident (Scotland)
Slip, Trip or Fall (England/Wales)
Slip, Trip or Fall (Scotland)
Employer Liability (England/Wales)
Employer Liability (Scotland)
Repetitive Strain Injury (England/Wales)
Repetitive Strain Injury (Scotland)
MIB Untraced Vehicle
MIB Uninsured Vehicle
Criminal Injuries
Medical Negligence

Plus any other types of case where someone was injured. Individual forms are available for each type of case"

A few things to note about this: Take your time and make a good job of filling in the form. There's quite a lot to do, but surely it's worth doing if you get compensation. Once you've applied, let these people handle it and get on with it. Give them 28 days and don't do anything else about it in the meantime as this could muck it all up!

Also, you can claim for things that happened within the last three years. Longer than that, and it's not really so good. At Claims4Free.co.uk they say" If we get a form saying - "I got into a fight with a friend ten years ago and it hurt a bit." - I'm afraid we can't pay out commission. Legally we cannot pursue a case where the incident took place over three years ago", so please remember that when you apply.

Take your time filling the form. It's your claim, so make it count!

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Aw! That's a shame! The affiliate program at Affiliate Window is temporarily gone (2005/01), but not to worry! You can still type in the address which is www.claims4free.co.uk or you can still visit other places that do claims. I was quite impressed with Claims4Free as they seem to have a lot of good sense. I would expect the "missing" status to be only temporary and I hope that a new affiliate program is arranged! If you hear of any news on this, please let me know! In the meantime this page has had to be bunged up (still bunged up 2010/11)

http://www.claims4free.co.uk/ affiliate program was with Affiliate Window