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24 ACE

24 ACE

Now you can buy from ACE online! A fantastic range of items to order direct from your pc and they've been around since 1972.

24 ACE:

"Ace is an established and reputable mail order catalogue business that has been in operation for over a quarter of a century now, having been set up originally in 1974. It has developed from its humble beginnings when it specialised in the provision of predominantly paper products.

Ace is now able to provide an extensive product offering, and the catalogues now include a wide variety of goods including innovative gifts, cards and wrap, gadgets, toys, confectionery, household and electrical goods.

Other areas of expertise include the provision of hundreds of exclusive products that can be personalised at no extra charge.

In addition to the product offering, customers who shop with Ace are able to obtain credit on their account, enabling them to shop with confidence and allowing them to spread the cost of their purchases".

If you had been tempted by this, here was the link:


24 ACE

http://www.24ace.co.uk/ affiliate program is with Affiliate Window

In case you're wondering why this particular page is bunged up, I'll explain: Not all affiliates are as honest as ourselves, and so the people in charge of 24 Ace / 24 Studio have quite rightly put a stop to the affiliate program while they sort it all out and decide who their friends are. It seems a shame for all of us honest affiliates that the program has been halted because of a small minority of cheats, but that's the usual way of these things. A few stinkers spoil it for the rest of us. Nevertheless, it is hoped and expected that there will come a time when the affiliate program will be restored and then we'll be putting the links back up on this page and continuing to be good for business in the long run. In the meantime, customers, you have the choice of putting in the URL (web address) as shown above, or visiting other catalogue shops, some of which also offer personalised items and credit subject to status.

Some affiliates have shown some concern about the behaviour of 24 Ace / 24 Studio towards the end of the 2008 affiliate program with Affiliate Window, particularly in regard to commissions on sales brought to them in good faith yet later "reversed". Cries of "not fair!" have been heard. Well I've been in touch with the helpful friendly people at 24 Ace / 24 Studio and I can assure affiliates that there is a sensible explanation, and that they are not operating a "scam" as had been alleged in some places. The problem was instead largely a mismatch of communication. Strange as it may seem, the affiliate program was officially "closed", but the links were left open in order to keep the cookie alive (presumably because the system isn't flexible enough to allow a split). Because of this, and because of misinterpretation on which affiliates were to be kept on the new program, affiliates who kept the links up as a gesture of good will and to preserve business continuity found their commissions were taken back even though the sales had been completed in good faith. This does not mean it's a scam. At worst, it's just a mix-up, probably at the marketing agency, so, please don't blame 24 Studio / 24 Ace for that! I still hold them in good regard, and I intend to resume promoting them at some time in the future.

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