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YB Limited

YB Limited

"Why be limited, why limit yourself?"

It would be nice to live life without limits, but it this possible? YB Limited claim it is, just by wearing their timepieces and fashion accessories!

YB Limited:

"The definition of the Youngblood label, YB Limited is 'Why be limited, why limit yourself?'.

YB Limited is centered on the philosophy of unlimited possibilities. The brand that has become synonymous with luxury and elegance was founded in 2005 by Paul Youngblood and Patrick Martin as Youngblood Timepieces, Inc., a small company that developed unique blueprints for fashionable wristwatches and a brand that aimed to make social change.

Social Activist, Hill Harper, helped to inspire a new direction for the company’s future. Impressed with the product he had seen, Mr. Harper expressed his support of the brand’s endeavors. His closing remarks during a phone conversation with Patrick were 'Why be limited, why limit yourself?' Hill’s comments resonated with Patrick. These words inspired him to launch alongside the Youngblood label, YB Limited and broaden the business strategy to ensure continued success and growth.

If fashion is the external expression of one’s inner self, what you wear speaks volumes about the person you are, or want to become. The fashion accessories of YB Limited celebrate that freedom of self-expression.

When accessorized with YB Limited, consumers allow YB to promote the limitless possibilities of who you are or who you want to become".

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