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Wild Attire Inc bring you Kathy Marrou's website Ties.com. They specialise in Men's Accessories, such as neckties, bowties and cuff links.


"Ties.com was started in 1998 by fashion retailer and style expert Kathy Marrou.

Having spent years developing a strong and vibrant background in the world of retail clothing, Kathy decided to take her business to the next level and enter into the competitive arena of e-commerce.

Since that time, many online businesses have fallen to the wayside, yet Ties.com has remained healthy and resilient and has even become a leader in the world of men's fashion. The reason for this success? Excellent neckwear and plenty of it. Ties.com currently boasts the largest selection of men's neckwear worldwide and at remarkably low prices.

We also understand and believe in our product. It is our belief that the necktie alone brings that much needed style, class, color, and distinction that every man's attire needs. But beyond even that, a necktie brings personality. Your personality. And at the end of the day, that's what matters most.

We offer a large selection of trendy, traditional, novelty neckties, bowties, cuff links, electronic tie racks, and thousands of other men's accessories".

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