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Wall Spirit

Wall Spirit

Stick something different on your wall! A wall tattoo from Wall Spirit, can transform the look of your room. We don't recommend you cover your whole home in them though, as less is more!

Wall Spirit:

"Welcome to the Wallspirit Shop!

Here you will find a huge number of quality wall designs, wall stickers, wall papers, wall quotes, wall words, wall clocks, window decals and chalkboard decals. Use our wall tattoos to create a completely new atmosphere in your home.

As the latest innovation in wall design, wall tattoos are a great addition to pictures and wallpaper when giving your wall a new look. Wall tattoos can be used to decorate not only your living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen and bathroom but also your office and workplace and even your car!

Give your home a look which is uniquely yours, breathe new life and originality into your living space and choose your favorite wall tattoo. Simply browse our website to choose from our designs in over 30 different colors from small to giant size wall decals. Don?t keep it all to yourself.

A wall tattoo is a great idea for a gift. Surprise your friends and family with a creative wall picture or wall quote. A gift card will give your present that personal touch. Our wall tattoos are manufactured using the finest quality vinyl and workmanship in the U.S.A.

They are ideal for smooth and ingrain wallpapers as well as for tiles, glass, wood, smooth plaster and plastic. No special expertise is needed to fix these inexpensive adhesive wall designs and remove them without leaving any traces. You will find simple instructions under "Tutorial". Create new features and transform your living space with artistic wall tattoos from Wallspirit!

Wall Spirit uses only the latest equipment and technology to provide you with the highest quality designs available. Every design is hand made with the finest grade vinyl and environmentally friendly materials. Wall Spirit designs are durable and long lasting and leave no blemishes or marks when removed".

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Wall Spirit

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