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The Grandparent Gift Co

The Grandparent Gift Co

Celebrating Generations of Love

Treat your loved ones to poems and sentiments by Teri Harrison, at the The Grandparent Gift Co. Give them something special this year, to show you really care.

The Grandparent Gift Co:

"The Grandparent co. provide gifts and sentiments to your loved ones.

All of the poems and sentiments you find on our products were written by Teri Harrison. They are one-of-a-kind, copyrighted sentiments you will not find anywhere else.

Many of our products are made or assembled in the USA, a great deal of the work being done by hardworking moms. We take pride in our products and always strive to find the right words to say something important for you.

We always hope the recipient understands the sentiment and loves it enough to share it with others and keeps it somewhere very dear to them".

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The Grandparent Gift Co

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