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Sport Obermeyer

Sport Obermeyer

From The Heart Of The Mountains

Everything for the mountains from Sport Obermeyer. If you want to go wandering in the mountains and survive, you need the right gear, that's where Sport Obermeyer can help.

Sport Obermeyer:

"Klaus Obermeyer is our inspiration to innovate and live a well-balanced life.

Klaus Obermeyer founded Sport Obermeyer over 60 years ago.

As a family-run, privately held company based in Aspen, Colorado, we are actively pursuing our goal of designing and producing more sustainable, earth-friendly products.

Obermeyer retail products such as high-altitude suntan lotion, turtlenecks, nylon 'wind-shirts', mirrored sunglasses, 'soft-shell' jackets, double lens goggles, the first waterproof-breathable fabrics and more".

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Sport Obermeyer

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