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SousVide Supreme

Sousvide Supreme

the world's finest water oven

Now you can enjoy cooking from a water oven in your own home, by purchasing the SousVide Supreme. Better still, they ship to the US, Canada and Europe.

SousVide Supreme:

"Inspired by the sous vide water bath cooking technique used for decades by the world’s top chefs and finest restaurants, Eades Appliance Technology LLC developed the first precision-controlled water oven designed for the home kitchen and launched their new product in a coast-to-coast publicity tour in October 2009.

You can ride the wave of excitement and make money with the new cooking sensation that’s captured the interest of the food world as an affiliate publisher of the first sous vide appliance for the home kitchen.

The SousVide Supreme water oven (retail price $399 USD) has received rave reviews from great chefs, such as Heston Blumenthal (The Fat Duck in the UK) and Top Chef winner Richard Blais, to food lifestyle editors around the world.

The SousVide Supreme won a Best in Category 2011 Housewares Design Award for cooking electrics, and it has received rave reviews in national magazines such as Food & Wine, Wired, and Esquire.

The product ships to the US, Canada and throughout Europe".

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SousVide Supreme

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