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Singer 22

Singer 22

for Where Celebrity Fashion Styles Are Found

At Singer 22 you can find all of the celebrity styles, that your favourite celebrities are wearing. If you want to dress like your celebrities that is fine, it's your choice! However, are your pockets as deep as those of a celebrity?

Singer 22:

"Singer22.com for Where Celebrity Fashion Styles Are Found

Have trouble keeping up with the fashion elite? Want to know what celebrities are wearing or toting on their shoulders or arms. Then visit Singer22.com for the latest fashion news and buy what celebrity posses and entourages are buying.

Singer22 has evolved into one of the fashion industry's leading retailers.

Singer22 was started by husband and wife team of Jonathan and Alicia Singer. With Alicia's amazing eye for fashion and Jonathan's great sense of business and marketing savvy, they have created a truly unique and fast growing company.

Their first store opened in Great Neck, New York. They launched www.Singer22.com which fast became one of the most visited sites on the net".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Singer 22

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