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Silly BandzSilly Bandz

Silly Brandz Global

Get silly with Silly Bandz, they are part of Silly Brandz Global! That's enough silly talk, they sell bracelets, bands and watches. They even sell a few celebrity ones as well.

Silly Bandz:Silly Bandz

"Silly Bandz created its $100 million toy empire through the sale of small silicone pieces of collectible jewelry.

Silly Bandz hold their shape when not in use and come in a variety of shapes.

The Silly Bandz company has recently entered in to several license agreements including SpongeBob and Justin Bieber.

Using the momentum of the popular bracelets Silly Bandz has moved forward to create new products that fall in to the same demographic and launched them under the name SillyBrandz. The first two products are the Silly Slapz Slap Watch and Rad Bandz Bracelets.Silly Bandz

Time comes to life in the Silly Slapz Slap Watch: made using 100% medical grade silicone the Silly Slapz slap watch is water resistant and wearable year-round. The straightened Slap watch is slapped against the wearer's forearm, causing the band to spring back into a curve wrapping around the wrist, securing the watch to the wearer.Silly Bandz

Rad Bandz is the next big hit from the makers of Silly Bandz. Rad Bandz give people the option to wear a colorful bracelet with a statement on it. Rad Bandz are a perfect add on to your Silly Bandz collection.

We offer about 100 products with new styles and products updated weekly".

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Silly Bandz

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