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Schylling Toys

Schylling Toys

Creating the Future, Reviving the Past

There's an old world suggestion in the name Schylling Toys, so it's no surprise to see they focus on children's Classic toys. Rest assured that all of there toys meet with today's modern standards and regulations. Note the name Schylling Toys and not Shilling Toys.

Schylling Toys:

"Here at Schylling we offer a unique collection of products that offer a variety and distinctive appeal.

Since our founding over 30 years ago, we have been dedicated to bringing joy to all who play with our products. We continue to specialize in Classic Toys. There is timelessness to Schylling toys. Continually updating our products allows them to never go out of style.

Our commitment to Quality and Safety has always been given the highest priority here at Schylling. The new children's product regulations in effect now are very far reaching.

Complying with all of these requires a tremendous effort and expense. We view these new regulations as an opportunity to stand above other toy companies and to give you a peace of mind. Our commitment to the safety of children is on our minds every day.

Great customers deserve great service. Here at Schylling Toys, we have the best in sales representation to insure we make a difference. Our in-house Customer Service Department is always ready to help you with all your Schylling needs!"

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Schylling Toys

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