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There so much more than skis at the Rossignol website. Being the industry leader, means they can also offer you a fantastic range of technical equipment as well.


"Rossignol continues to be the ski industry's leader in technology and craftsmanship.

The S Series skis took skiers' games to the next level while continuing to push technology making reverse camber rockers at tips and tails a standard in the industry.Rossignol


Rossignol offers several families of skis, boots, and bindings to cover all types of skiing. Whether you want to rip huge big mountain lines, pop sick tricks in the pipe or just cruise the groomers, Rossignol has the product to suit your needs.


Rossignol entered the Nordic industry in 1973 with some of the best engineered cross-country skis in the market.

With Athletes from the U.S., such as John Aalberg in the eighties and nineties, helping with research and development, Rossignol Nordic has been offering the complete Nordic package, skis, boots, poles and bindings since 1984.Rossignol

With the complete offering from Rossignol, it is no wonder that we have grown to be the largest supplier of Nordic products in the U.S. market. Our products are born in the mountains for the best skiing performance.


Rossignol’s award winning line of snowboard product has you covered no matter who or where you are. From beginner to pro and park to powder, Rossignol is your one-stop shop for all things snowboard.


Rossignol offers a wide variety of technical equipment including gloves, bags, helmets, and goggles".

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