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Cheap international calls

Grab yourself some cheaper international calls with Rebtel. A Rebtel call is like any other international call - but cheaper! Find out more and see if they can really some you money.


"Rebtel gives you a way to make international calls at low rates. We do this by getting your call away from your telephone network and onto the internet.

From there we can connect it to any phone in the world for you, for next to nothing.

So we give you local numbers for your international contacts, which you call as normal. You pay your phone operator for a local call, and pay us a small fee on top of this for the international part of the call.

This means that a Rebtel call is like any other international call - but cheaper!

Rebtel offers cheap long distance and international phone calls via your mobile phone.

Compared to regular telephone services and calling cards, Rebtel is up to 95% cheaper.

Rebtel is one of the strongest players in the market with more than 10 million users, and growing rapidly.

Rebtel offers a first class customer support to ensure happy customers".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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http://www.rebtel.com affiliate program was with Webgains USA. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Mobile Phones website.

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