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Well Zyra may live in the jungle now, but most of us aren't that fortunate! To get your own Peruvian jungle experience, take a look at Rainforest Expeditions.

Rainforest Expeditions:

"Rainforest Expeditions is a Peruvian ecotourism company that strives to help people experience the wild rainforests of Tambopata in a sustainable manner.

Our company accomplishes this by providing comfort, expertise, adventure, and access to wildlife that resides in the jungles of Tambopata. We also partner with local people eager to share their Amazonian traditions with guests.Rainforest Expeditions

Since 1989, Rainforest Expedition is a Peruvian Eco-tourism company offering guests the chance to lodge in our tropical rain forest.

Our clientele includes anyone interested in visiting vast acreages of ancient trees with flourishing monkeys and macaws.

The company plans on strengthening its commitment to sustainable tourism in the Tambopata region by continuing to partner with local people, supporting scientific research, and providing guests with a once in a lifetime, high quality, Peruvian rainforest adventure. New tours and family friendly avenues to experience the rainforest continue to be added".

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