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Onyx Hospitality Group

Onyx Hospitality Group


Don't be put off by going to Amari when you use the links on this page. Amari is the centrepiece of the ONYX Hospitality Group’s portfolio and you can get to other destinations via their home page.

Onyx Hospitality Group:

ONYX Hospitality Group is a leading hotel management company that combines the expertise of a truly global executive team with the hospitality excellence for which Asia is renowned.
ONYX prides itself on an open, approachable leadership style and recognises that the relationships and mutual trust established with our property partners are the fundamental basis for the success of any hotel management company. Amari is the centrepiece of the ONYX Hospitality Group’s portfolio and one of Thailand’s largest locally owned hotel and resort groups and top seller. With a network of properties situated on desirable beaches, rural areas and city destinations across Thailand and new properties coming online in the Maldives and China, Amari has introduced travellers from all corners of the world to the warmth of Asian hospitality for decades. Featuring quality rooms, world-class facilities and high standards of service, the Amari brand has emerged as a leader in the leisure market as well as in the business market. OAM Hotels is a collection of smaller properties that provide quality accommodation in their respective destinations. Maintaining a great service culture, these hotels and resorts provide the ideal accommodation for leisure and business travellers with international service standards, good facilities and excellent value for money".

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Onyx Hospitality Group

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