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Game 321

Play online games at NGames Limited! Choose from the Game 321 titles: DDTank, Anime Trumps, Immortal King, Navy Force and the all new Pockie Ninja.


"NGames Limited specialize in the development, operation, and promotion of online games.

Thanks to a research & development operation focused on creating and launching original content, years of online experience, and an array of stunning titles, NGames are firmly established as one of the most recognised publishers operating today.

NGames has achieved worldwide success with a number of popular games under our 'Game 321' brand, especially the Naruto&Bleach inspired Pockie Ninja, and also an impressive catalogue of games that contains DDTank, Anime Trumps, Immortal King, and Navy Force. Two new games, Pockie Ninja II Social, and Pockie Ninja (Spanish), are set to be released soon.

Ngames are leveraging the power of our established Game 321 brand, building a large-scale integrated entertainment platform with the ultimate goal of providing users with premium online gaming content, visually stunning animation, as well as a social networking service".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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