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CMS Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

CMS Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Great, we love to think old things are restored and not merely scrapped! Show your support for CMS Motorcycle Parts and Accessories and buy your old motorbike some new bits.

CMS Motorcycle Parts and Accessories:

"CMS was established more than 10 years ago by Michael Buttinger.

In those days, it was difficult obtain motorcycle parts that were both high quality and fair priced.As a consequence Mike Buttinger started his quest for the 'Holy Grail' and discovered the existence of NOS (New Old Stock) parts from the major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers.

Soon after that discovery, Classic Motorcycle Supplies was born, currently known as Consolidated Motor Spares.

Nowadays CMS is a modern, mean lean efficient organisation that distributes parts on a global scale.

Located in The Netherlands, the premises of CMS are situated on a stout 2+ metres below sea level, behind 'Jan Brinkers' legendary dikes. This is the ground for the modern CMS warehouses which are equipped according to the latest standards, enabling a cost-effective delivery of any of the 1.800.000 parts, right to your door!"

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CMS Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

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