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Mephisto Shoes

Mephisto Shoes

World's Finest Footwear

When you buy a pair of shoes from Mephisto Shoes, they're an investment. You are buying some of the best shoes that dollars can buy and if they look a little tired, you can always have them recrafted.

Mephisto Shoes:

"In 1965, Martin Michaeli founded Mephisto with a singular goal... 'To make the world's finest footwear.'

Today, Mr. Michaeli still owns and operates Mephisto from the world headquarters and original factory in Mephisto ShoesSarrebourg, France. His shoes are now sold in over 60 countries, with the U.S. headquarters located in Franklin, Tennessee.

Mephistos are an investment in the health and comfort of your feet, back and legs. The materials, construction techniques and quality components used to make every pair are never compromised. It is not uncommon to get years of wear from a pair of Mephistos.

Furthermore, when refurbishment is needed, most of our styles are completely recraftable and can be restored to their original specifications.

Our designers and engineers are never satisfied and continue to search for ways to improve the comfort features of our footwear and make the 'finest' even 'finer'.

While maintaining our high standards of handcrafted excellence, Mephisto is also a leader in innovative technology".

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Mephisto Shoes

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