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I was pleased with LiquidWeb hosting because they behaved in an honourable and reputable way when I asked what their policies were on plagiarism. LiquidWeb do not Liquid Weblike plagiarism and they closed down a website which was little more than a rip-off of my own website. (More about the 2012 plagiarism incident on the page about plagiarism).

I was so impressed with the moral stance taken by LiquidWeb that I said I'd join their affiliate program! Great! I joined the affiliate program and set about creating this dedicated page connected from the pages of website hosting etc, and it was to contain various promotional material and a brief testimonial, and an affiliate link to the place.

Unfortunately all has not gone well, and it seems that at LiquidWeb their affiliate program does not extend to people who have a single name. As I have a single name, Zyra, and no first-name last-name, I can't be a member of their affiliate program without getting addressed by a false additional name, and I would presume being paid with cheques that have a false name on as well. I won't enter into such nonsense, so I am not promoting them using this method.

I live in hope that LiquidWeb will soon have an affiliate program at Commission Junction where it's more diversity-friendly.

They are nice people at LiquidWeb, and I'm sure they don't mean to be prejudiced against people for being different. They seem quite tolerate of folks, and I don't think they intend to be discriminatory. It's probably just badly written software that isn't tolerant of people whose name is different in any way, Liquid Webfor example folk who have a single name. However, this draconian restriction would mean that populations in some ethnic cultures would be unable to be involved because in those cultures most of the people have single names. For example, some Amerindians would not be able to join. Cochise would not be on the program, and neither would Geronimo. Although Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull would be allowed.

Well, I expect Liquid Web will get their act together at some point and then we can get on with being good for business, because I am fond of them, and I want to promote them, but I'm not going to live a lie, and I'm not going to be insulted by having my name mangled.

In the meantime, folks, see other hosting companies, and for more about the human rights matter of accepting single names, see single name here.

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http://www.liquidweb.com affiliate program is an independent affiliate program, although oddly it is bunged up before it's started because I am fussy about getting my name right!