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Jimmy Lewis

Jimmy Lewis

40 Years Of Shaping

Once more a name that needs no introduction - Jimmy Lewis! Jimmy has been shaping boards since the 1960s, so you know whatever board you buy, whether it's a surfboard, kiteboard, tow board or paddleboard, you'll be buying it from someone who is on top of their game!

Jimmy Lewis:

"The most innovative board designs on the planet!

Jimmy Lewis, the world renowned board manufacturer with the most innovative board designs.

I shaped my first few sailboards in 1978 for Mike Waltze and Mark Robinson. I had previously been shaping surfboards since 1968.

Starting in 1982 making boards, Jimmy Lewis sells surfboards, kiteboards, tow boards and paddleboards, which are designed with ultimate quality in mind".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Jimmy Lewis

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