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One ski does not fit all and depending on what type of skiing you plan to do, there are subtle differences there too. If you want the best ski advice and the correct skis for the slope , take a look at Dynastar.


"Dynastar is a small group of passionate ski craftsmen who live in the mountains around Chamonix, France and who have built world class race, big mountain, freestyle and other skis from their mountain factory for more than 44 years.

Our primary objective is always to create new levels of ski ability for the most committed, passionate skiers around the world.

We believe ski ability and ease of use is everything. So, we work every ski until it offers new levels of accuracy, balance, control and ease-of-use.

We build technologies that perform at the highest levels and make turning and maintaining balance and control easier at the same time. We take great pride in our unique ski ability which, we believe, sets us apart.

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