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Books Free

Books Free

Rent unlimited books or audiobooks

Saving money by renting books is cheaper than buying them. However, at Books Free you can rent Paperback, CD and MP3-CD audio books.

Books Free:

"Booksfree.com is the leading online rental service of Paperback and Audio Books.

We are the only paperback book rental service of our kind and the only CD audio book service that ships the entire audio book in one shipment.

Our competition breaks up their audio books into multiple shipments and counts them as multiple selections. With most people preferring unabridged audio books our 'ship the entire audio book regardless of the number of discs' has made Booksfree the preferred source for audio book listeners.

Booksfree offers unlimited rentals of Paperback, CD and MP3-CD audio books, ala-cart rentals of CD and MP3-CD audio books, gift memberships, and a full retail section".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Books Free

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