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Not to be confused with BizTravelBizTravelClub logo


Here's, in their own words, their CONCEPT: "Our aim is to provide a proactive, cross-cultural vehicle that enables business travellers of all nationalities to communicate with and meet their fellow travellers wherever they are; and that may be accessed at any time, while travelling, from anywhere in the world."

And, here's some more of what they have to say: "biztravelclub.com is the worlds first website dedicated to putting business travellers in touch with each other wherever they are in the world. Members simply enter their trip details and immediately access the itinerary of thousands of other travellers. biztravelclub.com really is the future of global networking."

This sounds interesting, don't you think?

YES, but it's GONE! - see other Travel resources.

biztravelclub.com affiliate program was with Commission Junction //// old link page

Not only that, but also the domain now seems to have been cybersquatted. We are not so foolish as to be caught out like that, you know!