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Bench Prep

Bench Prep

Test prep courses on the Web, iPhone, iPad, and Android

Back in our day, we could get assistance or gain qualifications through postal courses, not any more! At Bench Prep, you can get help with interactive and social learning courses via the web, iPhone, iPad, and Android - now that's progress.

Bench Prep:

"BenchPrep creates interactive and social learning courses for the web, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

BenchPrep partners with best in class publishers such as McGraw Hill to provide courses for standardized test prep, math, science, language, professional certifications, and more. BenchPrep courses offer average savings of 200-300% off online courses.

In addition to the ability to read review material, take practice tests, study digital flash cards and access customized progress reports that make for a productive and focused study experience, BenchPrep users can chat with other users real-time who are studying the same subject and compare their performance real-time with their friends".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Bench Prep

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