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Paradise Island, exotic hotel resort in the Bahamas

When I first saw pictures of Atlantis Paradise Island my first question was "Is it real?". Atlantis BahamasThere is a plausible legendary quality to it. Besides having the name "Atlantis" and therefore being associated with myth and legend, the pictures show architecture which might be in a fantasy or a dream, or possibly in the background in cgi of a movie.

However, Atlantis Paradise Island is actually real, in the physical world. You can book a stay there and experience it for yourself.

Here's what they say at the Atlantis resort: "Atlantis, Paradise Island - Atlantis Bahamasthe most popular resort destination in the Bahamas - features the world’s largest open-air marine habitats, Aquaventure water park, including the iconic Mayan Temple’s Leap of Faith, 11 unique pools, renowned beaches and golf course, the largest casino in the Caribbean, and more than 20 restaurants, lounges and nightclubs. Atlantis also offers a multitude of unique accommodations, including the iconic Royal Towers and the stylish all-suite tower, The Cove Atlantis".

The buildings are high-rise towers, but are adorned with fancy features and finials. The towers are not regimented in lines, and instead are at unusual angles, and there is a huge bridge spanning between some of the towers. The bridge has windows across it, which is typical of fantasy architecture rather than something which is made of concrete these days.Atlantis Bahamas

Here's a poetic quote from Atlantis resort:

"Atlantis, Paradise Island rises magically from the turquoise lagoons and blue Atlantic of The Bahamas, and is known worldwide as a resort destination that has truly redefined entertainment and gaming in the tropics".

If you're wondering "Where is Atlantis", I can tell you that Paradise Island Atlantis is in The Bahamas. Curiously, the Bahamas is itself a place which tends to feature more in people's dreams than in their travel itinerary. In the Bahamas, the image is of a relaxed lifestyle. Plus, the Bahamas is a tax haven, which is of interest to some of us in business.

So, to sum it up, Atlantis Paradise Island is real, and it's a holiday vacation resort where you can book your stay and see it for yourself. Atlantis BahamasIt is an exotic place, and you can swim with dolphins, drink rum cocktails, and observe tropical palm trees and sandy beaches. There are water park slides and rides, unusual attractions, aquatic life on show, and the freedom to gamble your own money and take the risks yourself. In addition, it's only fair to point out that it is quite expensive. However, if you can afford it, that's great.Atlantis Bahamas

People have written and said on various places that the food is very good. The weather is distinctly warm all year, and as the resort is quite big, it's advisable to pack some good walking shoes.

I recommend you have a look before you book, and decide for yourself whether you can afford it, and whether the attractions there are the sorts of things you will like. It seems to be the sort of trip that you will remember for a lifetime, even if you go there only once.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Atlantis Bahamas

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Other things:

* You can have your wedding in Atlantis. This is something the Paradise Island resort specialises in. Also, for the very rich, it is possible to book a stay in a luxury suite actually ON that bridge between the towers, if that's what you want to do.

* If you have a desire to gamble, it's worth bearing in mind that Atlantis Resort is in the Bahamas, where you are free to gamble your own money (unlike in the United States where the government is historically somewhat puritan about such things). Be warned though: Although gambling is supposed to be fun, it is a serious business if it's your own money, and although you might win a fortune, there is a chance you could lose money.

* If you have a great thirst, as I do, beware that the drinking water there is expensive. I'd probably be drinking swimming pool water and letting my kidneys deal with the chlorine.

* I don't know if the place is diversity-friendly. Perhaps you'd like to contact me and let me know!

Atlantis Bahamas