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Terapy EU

Terapy EU

ergonomic living

How unusual beanbags from the Netherlands! Better take a look at the Terapy range and decide if their ergonomic beanbags are to your taste in home furnishings.

Terapy EU:

"TERAPY sells ergonomic beanbags. These are significantly different than the other beanbags. Firstly, by providing high quality and solid EPS material inside, but mostly by the outer cover made out of stretchable cotton.

Logic wants that TERAPY shapes to one’s body, as this is what stretchable cotton does. This is why consumers experience the beanbag as highly comfortable.

Thanks to TERAPY and its accessories, the product can also be converted into a chair, a two or three person bench, ideal for many living spaces.

TERAPY offers multiple payment methods for customers and the products are shipped within two or three days.

TERAPY right now exist already three years and is due to promotion in magazines and at trade fairs by now a familiar face in terms of comfort and ergonomic interior in the Netherlands.

Due to the big success in the Netherlands we are now expending to UK and Germany to see how successfully we can be international".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

Terapy EU

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