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International Sim

International Sim

Every SIM you need in one place

Cheaper calls when abroad are always a good idea, so you can keep in touch with the family or business. At International Sim, they offer local SIM cards for your travel destination.,/p>

International Sim:

"Internationalsim.eu is an online store that offers local SIM cards for your travel destination. By purchasing a local SIM card you save up to 80% savings on international telephone and data costs.

Internationalsim.eu provides SIM cards for the country of your destination so you can call and use mobile data without the exorbitant cost of roaming. They also supply SIM cards for iPhone, Blackberry and other smartphones.

All products that can be found in the shop are in stock and are shipped from our warehouse. This allows us to send orders directly and offer a quick service".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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International Sim

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