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Hoteles Silken

Book yourself a Spanish break with Hoteles Silken, they are also in Brussels too. They will make you feel like you are staying with friends for a few days.

Hoteles Silken:

"Silken Hotels currently manage 32 properties with a category from 3 to 5 star in some main Spanish destinations and also in Brussels.

For the Silken Group a hotel is a place with its own personality, a strong character but very warm and welcoming.

Rather like the house of those friends who are such good hosts, where they take care of you, know your tastes and make you feel like at home, but with the invaluable plus of never being boring.

Hoteles Silken gestiona en la actualidad 32 establecimientos de entre 3 y 5 estrellas situados en los principales destinos urbanos de España y también en Bruselas.

Para Silken un hotel es un lugar con personalidad propia, con carácter y a la vez acogedor.

Un lugar como la casa de esos amigos con dotes de anfitrión, donde te acogen, te cuidan, saben tus gustos y hacen que te sientas como en casa, pero con el impagable añadido de dejar atrás la monotonía".

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Hoteles Silken

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