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Desmazieres Shoes

Desmazieres Shoes

buy shoes and footwear online

For six generations Desmazieres Shoes have been creating great shoes. They operate many stores throughout France, but you can now buy direct from them online.

Desmazieres Shoes:

"In 1815, Jean-Antoine Desmazières-Drino set up the company after buying a hosiery business, 'Bas Rouge' in Lille.

In 1919, Carlos Desmazières-Lefebvre set up Desmazières for shoe trading.

The longevity and the success of Desmazières for six generations is reflected in a company culture based on listening to the customer and supplier loyalty.

This has enabled us to progress step by step and also to negotiate the numerous strategic turns to adapt to the footwear market and its distribution.

Our teams, always searching for the best offer, are constantly in the field to immerse themselves in the needs of the customer. Guy Serge Desmazières, President of the Board of Directors

Currently Desmazières, a major player in the shoe market, sells on line throughout Europe and operates many stores all over France under the names: L’entrepôt, Vice Versa and ChaussExpo".

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