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Craft Store

Craft Store

From Craftsmen To Every Home

Treat someone you love or yourself to some great handicraft products from Craft Store. It's better than giving someone something that has been mass produced!

Craft Store:

"Usually you can buy high-quality and genuine handicraft from tourism sites, markets or fairs, where craftsmen have come to sell their products, and sometimes also from small specialised shops.

In order to make high-quality and appreciated handicraft products, to which the makers have put their souls in, more available, we have opened an online handicraft store – CraftStore.

Our aim is to make handicraft more popular, to introduce it in Europe and elsewhere, and therefore offer local craftsmen more output and a larger market. Naturally we wish to please all handicraft-lovers with new and interesting products.

CraftStore OÜ has been founded in 2007, in Estonia. In 2010 we launched online sales of handicraft in Estonia and began selling our products to customers from Germany, Denmark, UK and other countries in 2011.

CraftStore is an online store of handicraft products, which has a good selection of different consumer handicraft from different craftsmen. We offer wooden, forged and knitted products, also soaps, candles and a lot more.

If you cannot find a suitable product from this online store, make sure to notify us about your wish, because due to the nature of handicraft, many products can be made as special orders".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Craft Store

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