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An (ex)Shopping Portal of Extinct Shops

Now just because someone is extinct doesn't mean they are out of popularity. Look at the dinosaurs: Extinct because they didn't have a space program at the time of the "asteroid crunch", yet still a very popular attraction at the Natural History Museum , the British Museum, and other notable Museums and exhibitions. The Dodo, long dead, but still very popular and a national symbol in Mauritius which is good for business as a tax haven. Anyway, even though the shops on this page have gone (often through financial problems that were no fault of their own), they are still remembered. Following the success of Zyra's Shopping Portal, this EX-shopping portal has been added to list those places who were around but are no longer trading, so they have beenAllders moved to this page, the EX-Shopping Portal...

Department Stores
MFI - Bargains all year round

"Well Worth It!"

MFI FurnitureWoolworths

Miller Bros - electricals

QED UK - electricals

World of BathsWorld of Baths - used to advertise on the TV

Borders - bookshop

XL Air - airline and holiday companyBorders

Empire Direct - electrical shop

Waterford WedgwoodXL Air

Oddbins - wine

Focus DIYT J Hughes

TJ Hughes

Officers ClubOddbins

Shops that are on this page are here because they have at some time GONE, not merely to have been bunged up because they've lost their affiliate program, but to have shut up shop. They're only on here because we have it on the best authority that they have gone into Administration,Empire Direct.co.uk or otherwise gone out of business*. Now that doesn't mean they'll always be gone. Some of them may come back from the dead!

In a way this page is like an epitaph to the famous name companies that were lost during the Credit Crunch, although some of them had gone before that.