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Dedeman Hotels and Resorts


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Why not try a different destination this year for your holiday? With Dedeman Hotels and Resorts, you can sample the delights of Turkey, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and Syria.

Dedeman Hotels and Resorts:

"For over 40 years now Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International has proudly been serving its guests in 19 prestigious hotels situated in some of the most prime and sought after locations of Turkey, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and Syria.

Dedeman offers a wide range of services superior to the standard and has a professional and dedicated team that ensures that all guests receive a 'warm welcome' and experience the Dedeman's Hospitality.

Dedeman Group has a leadership position in the Turkish hotel sector and it also has a pioneering role in many areas to untapped for their potential tourism, such as Palandöken, Rize and Diyarbakir.

In addition to the hotels established by Dedeman for Summer tourism, which are set in areas of natural beauty, there are also ski resorts which cater to winter tourism and where the ski slope is certified by the International Skiing Federation".

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