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Candeo Hotels

Candeo Hotels

Enjoy all of the wonders that Japan has to offer with a fantastic holiday at Candeo Hotels. If you love holidays that combine both old and new, then this is the vacation for you.

Candeo Hotels:

"CANDEO is a Latin word meaning ‘Shining’.

Candeo Hotels was established to enable hotel guests, neighbor residents and all the employees and alliance partners can shine and enhance each others.

The hotel group believes that achieving this vision requires below three elements:

- 'Relaxation': Let our bodies and souls be relaxed

- 'Originality': Enjoy ourselves with our own original style

- 'Energy': Fill ourselves with positive and vigorous energy.

The hotel continues to develop and provide unique and innovative hospitality service, so that all the customers can shine through stay at their hotels. All of the hotels are equipped with roof-top ‘sky-spa’ (except for Ueno-Park).

Enjoy panoramic view and get stretched in a bathtub, under the sky changing with seasons and time.

The guest rooms are equipped with Simmons bed which gives them supreme relaxation and high-speed Internet access. Depending on the objectives of their stay, the guests can choose preferred room style.

The hotel provides a broad choice of breakfast for the day to accentuate the beginning of the day, such as seafood from Hokkaido and colourful main dishes".

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