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What's About Town

What's About Town

Looking Good Was Never This Easy

Get the celebrity look and feel for less, by paying a visit to the What's About Town website. Jewellery and accessories inspired by the stars.

What's About Town:

"What's About Town always aim to bring you an exciting range of mens and Womens Costume Jewellery capturing the latest trends to get you noticed and at real value.

Genuine Swarovski crystals are used on many products, and a variety of unusual materials and shapes to make some stunning pieces.

Our jewellery is designed and sourced all over the world and every piece of jewellery will arrived checked by hand and beautifully packaged and will be a delight to open.

We stock both mens jewellery and womens Jewellery as well as accessories, fashion clothes and fashion footwear.

Renowned for excellent customer service, our team are always happy to help!

Looking good was never this easy!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


What's About Town

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