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In co-operation with artists & illustrators

Get creative with Vacaza. They offer a variety of accommodation for artists like you, who just like to go away and create. Rather than impersonate a starfish on a tropical beach somewhere!


"Vacaza.com offers visitors a user-friendly portal in 7 languages that specialises in the promotion of creative vacations throughout Europe with English speaking accommodation owners.

Vacaza does not charge commission for bookings or services, but rather for the subscriptions by members.

Vacaza.com members (artisans, craftsman, art galleries, creative course facilitators, accommodation owners and property managers) fully control the content (texts, prices and photos) of their showcased accommodation within the Vacaza website through a login facility.

Bookings are ordered and paid directly to the owner of the accommodation or organiser of the art course.

Accommodation and art courses are both showcased in Vacaza.com and can be cross-linked. A visitor can easily navigate between the details of the accommodation and the details of an art course.

Vacaza.com members can manage multiple accommodations within one account making the site suitable for property owners that manage multiple accommodations. Within the account, owners can indicate the availability of individual workspaces or ateliers (to rent out separately)".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

http://www.vacaza.com/?lang=english affiliate program is with Tradetracker

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