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Sovietski Collection

Sovietski Collection specialises in the supply of collectibles from Russia and the former USSR countries. A great variety of choice Eastern Bloc Cold War artifacts are available for you to buy. (link at end of this page)

Where else can you buy a $19,950 spacesuit, an antique diving helmet, a naval ship captain's chronometer, hand-cut polish crystal, Lomonosov porcelain and some of the finest European antiques and vintage artifacts on the web?

In effect, Russia and former communist Eastern Bloc countries are selling off the extraordinary paraphernalia of a bygone era, and these choice collectible artifacts are available for you to buy in the West, or anywhere else in the world.

If you have an interest in Russian history, Russian culture, the era of the USSR or CCCP, or objects pertaining to the KGB, here is your chance to buy a slice of history.

In the words of the President of Sovietski Collection,

"At Sovietski Collection, we know you want the genuine article. Not an imitation. That's why we're thrilled to share this catalogue, loaded with hundreds of treasures from a bygone era - rare and wonderful artifacts, old-fashioned gear and extraordinary collectibles that we know you'll love to own.

Sasha (our man in Moscow and legendary raconteur) and I have scoured the world for merchandise you won't find anywhere else, including antiques and old-fashioned instruments that take you back to another time. Built to quality standards commonplace a generation ago but extremely rare today. (Offered at prices that will delight and amaze you.)

Order with confidence - everything in our catalogue and on our Website comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. (If you're not happy, let us know and we'll make it right.)

We appreciate your patronage! Thanks,

Mitch Siegler, President

P.S. We'll go the extra mile to make you feel special, with a level of friendly, personal service that's now nearly impossible to find anywhere."

And here is a section from a review of Sovietski Collection by Donna Loyle, writing for Catalog Success magazine:

From the East Bloc and Beyond.

Artifacts from the Cold War are just some of the unusual offerings of the Sovietski Collection

By Donna Loyle

To say Sovietski Collection catalog has a unique niche would be an understatement. Indeed, a quick flip through its pages is like taking a whirlwind trip around the former East Bloc.

Its product selection includes militaria, such as Soviet MiG pilot helmets and copper diving helmets, Russian submarine clocks, East German tank commander binoculars and field phones. There's also hand-crafted Polish sabres and Czech walking sticks, Lomonosov porcelain tableware, Romanian crystal goblets and Russian-made woollen shawls.

The catalog even features a genuine Soviet "Strizh" spacesuit complete with communications helmet and umbilical life-support interfaces.

Sovietski sells merchandise and artifacts sourced primarily from Europe and the central Asian republics of the former USSR, but it specializes in products produced during the Cold War under state-planned economies. After the Soviet Union's collapse, many of these products came onto the market, and Mitch Siegler, president of the San Diego, CA-based Sovietski Collection catalog, has brought them to American consumers.

The complete article is available at the Sovietski Collection website, which is linked-to at the end of this page.

Now about Russian products... These have a style reminiscent of the old USSR culture, an overengineered quality, a sturdy utilitarian design ethos. Words like "oldfashioned" and "overbuilt" spring to mind. For example, "A generation ago, most binoculars and scopes were produced with precision ground, fully-coated optics. (Some German factories still produce optics like ours, but they cost a fortune.) And good luck finding brass, liquid-filled marine compasses (at any price). Or handcrafted, mechanical timepieces, with genuine ruby jewels? (Yes, the Swiss make them, but prepare to mortgage your house). Many of our products were produced during the Cold War under state-planned economies. They were often made without considering the cost, for a military that demanded the best. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, they became available to us. It's as if an entire country went bankrupt and we were able to buy their remaining stock for a fraction of its true value. And to pass the savings on to you. Thanks for coming along on our treasure hunt!"

And now a word from Sovietski Collection about their 2002 Catalogue... "Our new Fall Preview, 2002 catalogue is loaded with scores of authentic Cold War-era collectibles! In addition, you'll find a fantastic assortment of timeless treasures, handcrafted folk art, jewelry and porcelain, traditional music and many one-of-a-kind finds that aren't available anywhere else. Over 100 new items inside! Request your complimentary copy..."

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:Red StarRed Star


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