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Shoon, can you guess what they sell? No too tricky really, they sell a great range of mens and womens footwear, with a few accessories thrown in for good measure.


"Shoon is a retail footwear and fashion company, we take great pleasure in finding little fashion and footwear gems. We explore the world for new discoveries, looking for the craft and skills, design and materials that delight customers.

Shoon was originally a marketing and wholesale business, founded by Michael & Rosalie Fiennes on April Fool's day in 1982. As footwear wholesalers, we launched Ecco Shoes in the U.K and managed their development for 17 years.

We now specialise in retailing the best international leisure and everyday footwear brands, each chosen for their unique qualities of service, comfort, advanced technology and distinctive design. We also add our own selection of men's and women's dress and casual shoes and accessories.

Shoon is an independent family footwear company, based in Wells, Somerset.

We bring you those well-made, well-designed shoes hard to find anywhere else.

Our shoes will leave you looking and feeling good!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:



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O laith laith were our Scottish lords
To weit their cork-heeled shoon;
But ere that a’ the play was plaid,
They wat their heads aboon.

Sir Patrick Spens