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Though it was a long time ago you can still get to meet people who you used to know a long time ago. Many websites exist to help you find your old friends. In contrast to dating, where you are looking to establish new romantic relationships, or people finders, where you are trying to track people down, the "meet old friends" idea is more to do with re-establishing contact with people you knew as friends a while ago.

Here are a few helpful sites of that ilk:

My Old Mate
A free UK based people finder site which has been featured on
AOL, GMTV and Webuser magazine.

Friends Reunited
Also quite well-known.

Born For Sports
Make friends who are sports nuts!

Social Networking where you get to meet people.

Who Remembers Me
A worldwide service for finding and reconnecting with old friends.

But be careful, as sometimes you may find the people you once knew a long time ago have changed and/or moved on in life. Similarly, you are not the same person you were. Also, if you get in touch with people, they will be in touch with you! So, make sure they really are your friends! Good luck!

Also, it's all very well meeting people and having a network, but the trouble is that some social networking has become a social evil where it's a network of spies in league with the government. Very bad for personal freedom.