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badOo - is a new (2012) social networking site where you can meet new people. Let's be open-minded about this, because although in the past some social networking has been a disaster, it doesn't mean all social networking must be. The fact is, it can be done right, and we will see if Badoo can get things right where other places have failed and sold out.

In their own words "badoo is the largest Social Network for Meeting New People locally in the world. 136 million members are already connected and more than 100,000 new members join every day.

badoo is not only the largest, but also the fastest growing Social Network for Meeting New People globally. badoo has just begun!Badoo

badoo Today: 2012/02/17 15:47

136,524,666 members

In 180 countries

133,529 new users per day

911,207 users online now

2,820,954 photos and videos uploaded daily"

At Badoo they also say "We can't guarantee good gifts... but we can guarantee Good Company". This may be just what you're looking for if you are looking to meet people. It may be worth a try.

I advise setting up a special e-mail address and giving Badoo a try. In the same way as the page about gambling says "only gamble what you can afford to lose", I advise with social networking "only reveal information you don't mind everyone knowing". Good Luck!

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!


http://badoo.com/signup/ affiliate program is with Steak Media. Incredible as it may seem, the affiliate program has been paused, after such a short time (2012/05/09), which is baffling considering how much work has gone into connecting it up. The link was http://clkuk.tradedoubler.com/click?p=216430&a=1883727&g=20225210 and it's been removed and this page has been bunged up. Hopefully it will return again soon!

Unfortunately, there now seems to be a problem with Badoo Spam. Not good.

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