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Madam Rage

You can now buy from Yorkshire's independent womenswear retailer Madam Rage online. Shop on the web for great dresses tops, knitwear and more.

Madam Rage:

"Madam Rage started life as an independent retailer in West Yorkshire.

Here at Madam Rage we only produce a limited run of each style. Our aim is to produce garments of the highest possible quality in up to date designs.

We don't mass-produce our designs and each garment is designed in-house which allows exclusivity of design. We source our own fabrics from throughout the world to ensure that we keep on top of the hottest trends.

Madam Rage strives to provide you with a little bit of luxury with every garment that you purchase. We believe that you should feel special every day whatever you wear, whatever your shape, size and mood".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Madam Rage

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