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Mad Shops
Or at least companies whose NAME has madness in it

As a mad person myself, and someone who runs a profitable company, I am amused by the proliferation of businesses whose names over the shop door has "mad" or "crazy" or some other inference to insanity in the title. Of course these businesses aren't usually mad in a literal sense, but are more typically trying to attract customers on the basis that as the shop is run in an insane way, the prices might be very attractive, in comparison to somewhere that is run on an entirely sane basis where they have to make a profit. Another context of madness in the shop name is where the shop caters for people who are fanatical about the line of business. Plus, there's a further context where the customer has been made mad by what's going on in the market.

Here are a few companies with lunacy in the name of the business...


Bargain Crazy

Fragrance Mad

Mad 4 Ponies

Mad About Fashion

Mobile Madhouse

Loopy Love

Mad As A Fish - ISP

Crazy Horse Tack and Gift Shop

Mad Gringo - tropical fashion

Crazy About Gadgets

Gourmet Nut

Crazy Dog T-Shirts

Survey Madness

Crazy For Perfume

Mania Cool

Scratch Mania

Crazy Like A Fox - home business - Get Rich scheme

Crazy Lenses

Loopy Lotto - see lotteries

Seriously Nuts

Loopy Mobile Phones - see mobile phones

Loopy Love - dating

Look at my Crazy shoes

The Motley Fool - finance

Snap Mad - unusual things in photography

Strawberry Fool

Watch Mad

The Snowboard Asylum

Other mad resources at this site include Mad contacts which is a set of mental health connections viewed from the mental patient's point of view, and there's also Mad Words which is a collection of words like "lunacy", "wacky", "loopy" etc. Mad Pride which is a pressure group campaigning for the freedom and rights of mad people, and there's also a page explaining the myth that mad people have to keep taking the tablets