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Fun Bikes

If you think mini motorbikes, etc. are fun, then you'll love the Fun Bikes website. They are bikes and all sorts of great accessories for the Mini Moto rider.

Fun Bikes:

"Fun: bikes was founded early on in 2001, and since then the company has grown rapidly.

In fact, so far we have enjoyed so much success that in 2003 we expanded our supply of mini motos, midi motos, mini moto parts and bike spares to cover the whole of the UK and Europe, and now advertise mini moto parts and every other facet of the mini and midi motos scene on a national basis.

Fun:bikes are specialist suppliers of a wide variety of mini motos, midi motos, mini moto parts and bike spares to customers from both the consumer and trade markets.

We have been established for over 3 years and were launched to meet the growing demands of the exploding mini moto parts market (in the US mini motos are known as 'pocket bikes').

Initially we set up as a wholesale bikes supplier, selling quad bikes and Junior moto cross bikes throughout the midlands.

However, as demand has shifted so has our business and the focus of our wholesale bikes, and now our expertise also lies in mini motos and mini moto parts, midi motos and the supply of bike spares".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

Fun Bikes

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