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E-Swin UK

Get rid of those unwanted hairs with the E-One by E-Swin UK. After a course of treatments, you only need a few a year to remain hair free.

E-Swin UK:

"E-Swin manufactures and distributes the E-One: a cutting edge beauty product.

It is the first medical hair removing device which concentrates professional IPL technology into a small and affordable unit for home use.

It is innovative and protected by several patents.

After 10-12 treatments, skin should be completed hair free, with only 1 or 2 uses per year to maintain its smooth appeal.

It is safe and painless: already 20 000 users already trust the E-One and love its results.

With its E-One, E-Swin is deeply turned towards innovation and believes each customer is unique".

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E-Swin UK

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