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Maxtor D540X

Hard Disc Drive Circuit Board for sale

Although in the end I got my hard disc drive recovered by professionals at Ontrack Data Recovery, I had a try first by swapping the circuit board. This kind of tactic usually works, but it didn't for me.

So, I have a circuit board for sale! It's a Maxtor D540X 4D060H3 with the legend BLUE FISH NAPA BUF CUK RP on the circuit board inlay. A 60Gb drive by Maxtor

The circuit board is ok, and there might be some more of the drive which can be salvaged, although I suspect the heads won't be. DIY Data Recovery

If you have a Maxtor D540X hard disc drive which has failed, and you'd rather not pay a thousand pounds to have your disc drive recovered in a laboratory clean room, you might be interested in buying this circuit board from me.

Special note: If you want to swap the circuit board on a hard disc drive, it has to be exactly the right type. If it's not a Maxtor D540X, please don't ask me about it as I'm not a disc drive circuit board stockist!

However, if you have a disc drive failure and it happens to be a Maxtor D540X 4D060H3 BLUE FISH NAPA BUF CUK RP, now's your chance to buy one of the last ones in existence. Make me a good offer! (remember, it's cost me £100 GBP and I don't intend to sell it at a loss). e-mail

And if your disc drive is of a different type, see How I got my data back , and Data Recovery Services

The item is still available, but this page is now mostly of historical interest.