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Cravatta Pelliano

Fashion always goes round in cycles and Cravatta Pelliano have found a place in the market which has been missed for decades. They are re-introducing the knitted tie, with a touch of Italian style and Dutch design.

Cravatta Pelliano:

"Cravatta Pelliano is what the 21st Century man has always dreamt about, an exciting new fashion label that combines italian craftsmanship with Dutch Design.

Fusing the hand of tradition with innovative design. The label is founded by four Dutch youngsters: Steijn Pelle (22), Bernd Damme (21), Adriaan Buyserd (28) en Marin licina (25), all of them infusing the brand with a different professional background – and every one of them ready to shape modern day man’s image of sprezzatura!

Cravatta Pelliano encourages confident men to do what they should do: dress like they want to, instead of how people expect them to. With a unique, personal touch.

Cravatta Pelliano’s first project is a vintage classic: re-introducing the knitted tie as a gentlemen’s wardrobe essential.

The knitted tie escaped from sight, for a while, and Cravatta Pelliano insists on bringing it back – with a twist! Cravatta Pelliano’s collection is designed by the crème de la crème of Dutch Design, and subsequently produced by the most established family businesses in italy’s Milano/Como region.

Distinguishing itself from other fashion houses, Cravatta Pelliano refuses to compromise – only the best is good enough".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Cravatta Pelliano

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