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National Semiconductors - makers of the 32016

AMD - new 64-bit processor optimised for Linux

INTEL - creators of the Pentium Processor


ARM Originally by Acorn, an in "BBC Computer". Acorn were responsible for the ASYNCHRONOUS RISC processor, which is a remarkable development in technology.

MOTOROLA - 68000 series on onwards

Silicon Graphics - Mainframes etc. I've been reliably informed SGI actually does not make processors anymore. They have spun off the processor division into a separate company called MIPS. www.mips.com

CRAY - T3E 1200E - as seen at CSAR

DEC - makers of the DEC ALPHA

TRANSMETA - much promising work going on there!

IBM - They created, along with Apple and Motorola, the PowerPC chip which is commonplace in newer Amiga computers, Macintoshes and the Nintendo GameCube. Their newest processor (as of 2002/07) - the Power4, is actually quite a few CPUs on one die. Quite an accomplishment! They make quite a few CPUs, actually. In fact, they were for some time, responsible for manufacturing the Cyrix chips, before Cyrix was purchased by National Semiconductor.

HITACHI - Risc processors etc

ZILOG - Makers of the famous Z80 and Z8000. Zilog are still around and are big in the embedded microprocessor market.

Via Technologies of Taiwan purchased Cyrix and IDT's Winchip division. These chips are not particularly fast per se, but they run very cool (no heat sink needed) and are quite popular in China due to their very low price. (was http://www.via.com.tw/en/viac3/cyrix_MII.jsp)

Texas Instruments are responsible for a good amount of work on the Sparc chip for Sun Microsystems.

Hewlett Packard For a long time, HP created a CPU called the PA-RISC, which was one of the fastest CPUs ever created. It is going to be cancelled of course, due to the work they are doing with Intel creating the Itanium (Intel & HPs 64bit VLIW processor).

Samsung/Compaq - When Compaq bought DEC in the 90s, they also inherited the Alpha processor - perhaps one of the best RISC processors ever. Then, Compaq decided to work with Samsung on the Alpha processor. We're not sure, but it could be dead now, unfortunately. Most of the Alpha team is now working at AMD. For a while, Samsung was running Alpha Processor Inc.

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